I'm still alive!

 If anyones interested,I'm on Facebook,mainly as it's the only site I can get on my mobile phone!I do like better, and do miss LJ though! so I'm there as Terry Balfour,look me up!

Laters people!


.....You might want to get your self tested for this (Taken from the BBC website)

My father who died recently,it was found during his autopsy,that he had this condition.

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Juvenille humor,hot dogs and stuff.......

I was downtown in Cambridge the other day,stood at a 'Hot Sausage Company'stand...there was a rather attractive young lady in front of me with her freinds,she said quite proudly"I'd love a hot sausage!"..well I just couldn't stop giggling,I had to put my finger in my mouth to stop..personally I blame a diet of Carry On films..heh!

As for the aforementioned hot sausage,they are indeed rather scrummy,so much so I often scoff down two..maxing up my saver card in the process,so far I am 2 away from a free one..go me..or what-have-you!

On other stuff,I have moved recently,hence my being not OL much,I am at the library on Milton Road at present and only get 30 minutes..so my OL presence will be curtailled for a bit until I pull my finger out and make it not so,speaking of which,I have started doing the ECDL computer course,at another library...thought I'd take the leap and be a stoodunt(This is Cambridge after all!)

Heres my snail mail thingy(if anyones interested) ;)

151 Chesterton Road
( U.K )

Hoping you all have a pleasing week-end,I'm off to my mums so I am sure mine will be...take care and see ya soon...

Terry Balfour.
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Further news on Mr Tomkins.

It would appear Mr Tomkins left life a bit of a mystery

I would surmise from this that the coroners office
 is looking to release his body for funerary reasons.

Am sure i will find out more soon,as usually is the case.

Terry Balfour.
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You should know who you are.......

..Thats if what you are currently doing hasn't turned you into something you are not!

There is someone on my freinds list,who I actually see as being a freind,even though we have yet to meet.
 Frankly her current behaviour towards someone close to her makes me wonder wether I should..
Yes ok it's her life,do with it as she may,only there are those out there who no longer have that choice,they have to think long and hard about how what they do effects those that need them at their best..as it goes their situation is such that they don't think,they do,as they have to..

Really,i suppose if you have only yourself,no responsibilities,no one who really needs you,be totally selfish and just do your own thing,fine carry on as you are...keep living the same life,with different but oh so the same characters,basically two dimensional types,who by saying they are not shallow in their beliefs,are..yeah good luck to you..honestly!

If not,well pull your head out of your ass and start veiwing those that have the balls to say 'no'to you from time to time,as the 'real'people in your life..

To repeat myself,this individual,i shall not do some 'fake'token act of removal from my freinds list..jeez,what will that acheive?,honestly?

In fact quite the opposite,I'll keep an eye out for them..

So knowing who you are,take care of yourself in what ever you do,when the circus has left town and you are sitting staring down at the kerb,those that do,will...reach down and help you back up......

All the best;

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